Sarah Ann Daft (1828 – 1906)

The Sarah Daft Home is the only nonprofit assisted living facility, dedicated to affordable, quality care in a homelike setting.

About Us

For over 100 years, the Sarah Daft Home has been committed to providing affordable, high quality care in a homelike setting. Our 24-hour community is staffed with compassionate, skilled professionals devoted to meeting the individual needs of each resident.


Sarah Daft Home is one of the oldest nonprofit assisted care facilities in the country.  In 1904, Sarah Ann Daft envisioned “a place where lonesome old people can go to live out their lives without worry where the next meal is coming from, or where they are going to get the winter’s coal or necessary clothing.”

In 1911, Jennie Anderson Froiseth, a community activist, took this idea and ran with it. After a long, tough journey, the doors to the Sarah Daft Home opened in 1914. Sarah Daft’s dream still resonates in the community today, to help those in need live a happy and healthy life.

Located in the Salt Lake East Side Historic District, the beautiful Colonial Revival 1913 building is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Sarah Daft Home is positioned on a lovely hillside overlooking the valley—near the University of Utah, downtown, senior centers, shops and many healthcare providers.

The Sarah Daft Home remains one of the oldest nonprofit, continuously-operated assisted living facilities in the western United States. True to its original mission, “to provide affordable quality care in a homelike setting,” it’s still serving those whom Sarah Ann Daft had hoped to help more than 100 years ago.

I’ve made mention more than once that you souls are truly angelic and that Sarah Daft Home is a home, in every sense of the word.

Robbins Family

It gave our family peace of mind knowing that mom and grandma could live in a real homelike setting with loving and supportive staff. We will always be grateful.

Laura Boardman

My sister lived at Sarah Daft for five years. Staff members became her extended family. I had absolute trust that she would receive the best possible care—and she did.

Grehte B. Peterson